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Jane Hughes Writer, editor, yoga teacher

The Helenswood Reporter


Jane works with schools on creative writing, media and enterprise projects that aim to build young people’s knowledge of local communities, as well as developing their writing, questioning, analytical and design skills. Such projects provide an introduction to the world of work, through hands-on experience and interviews with people in different careers. In collaboration with media professionals drawn from photography, design, journalism, filmmaking and PR, Jane can tailor projects to the specific requirements of individual schools.

Her recent work for the government’s Creative Partnerships Change Schools programme involved running a ‘newsroom’ at Helenswood School, Hastings, together with photographer Alex Brattell. Over a period of 15 days, Alex and Jane scheduled a programme of press conferences and interview opportunities and worked with Year 9 girls to produce eight e-magazines and a professionally designed and printed news magazine.

Jane has also written articles on education for the Times, Times Higher, First Eleven (a magazine aimed at parents of school children) and the Institute of Education.

Beyond Magazine

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The Helenswood Reporter

News & Views from Year 9 at Helenswood School, Hastings.

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First Eleven magazine

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Sophie and the secret garden

The Times Weekend

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Soapbox - Why I have spent my life studying petrol stations

The Times Higher Education

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A lord with a rainbow notion

The Times Higher

Author of the controversial report published this week on Britain's multi-ethnic future, Bhikhu Parekh argues that we should learn to value our cultural diversity and consign to history attitudes that inspired signs such as 'blacks and Indians should not apply'.

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