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Jane Hughes Writer, editor, yoga teacher

article - Indian soap to combat 'boys only' culture


Having studied Social Policy at LSE, Jane has a keen interest in tackling social issues. Her research at the Work Foundation looked at how the public, private and voluntary sectors could cooperate more closely in local communities. Subsequently she completed the Common Purpose Matrix programme, an initiative by this educational charity aimed at developing similar cross-sector partnerships between leaders.

Jane’s passion for identifying new trends and social opportunities ties into her work on schools and enterprise, cultural placemaking and housing. Her articles on social issues and initiatives have been published in the Independent on Sunday, Independent, Guardian, Observer, Marie Claire, Red, Eve, the Times Magazine and the New Statesman.

Indian soap to combat 'boys only' culture

The Observer

A primetime television show will shock a nation obsessed with gender selection.

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Do you want to change the world? These women show you how

Marie Claire

Ever get fed up with commuting, meaningless paperwork and office politics? Jane Hughes talks to five career women who gave it all up to discover the real meaning of job satisfaction.

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Pain of a child

Guardian Society

Police officers are being trained to treat bereaved children after the sudden death of a loved one.

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Coping with the death of a parent

The Times Magazine

"Often a child's first reaction to bereavement is anger. They want to blame someone because they can't understand why this awful thing has happened."

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The day that touched us all


September 11: one day in history that remains very much in our present. But how are those events still affecting us, one year on? And can the victims' families ever find it in their hearts to forgive?

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Like a river of grief, widows and children flowed past a memorial to mass murder

The Independent

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Local heroes


Forget do-gooders who tirelessly bake for charity. Today, being active in the community has more to do with women sharing their skills - from photography to aromatherapy - to help others and themselves.


Glasgow set to deal a blow to boxing

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Hunts ride where walkers are barred

The Independent on Sunday

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Decline and fall of a once grand hotel

The Independent on Sunday

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Private Ryan fans invade D-Day sites

The Independent on Sunday

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Letter from Japan

New Statesman & Society

When Waseda, one of the top private universities in Japan, recently announced plans to raise tuition fees, the lack of student retaliation provided the media with food for thought.

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