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Jane’s work is shaped by how the dynamics of social change affect the way we live. Her versatility as a writer and social commentator is demonstrated by the range of lifestyle issues she has covered – from changes in the way we live and work (for the Times, Independent and Mail on Sunday) to the analysis of cultural trends (for Newsweek and Futurecity) and the changing goals of women (Red magazine).

Having spent three years in Japan, Jane demonstrates a strong international perspective. Her work for the travel industry – whilst PR Director at Sans Frontiere Marketing Communications – involved organising major events for the French-owned LD Lines ferry network. These included a number of new route and ship launches, two of which were held on board Channel crossings. Jane now organises bespoke cultural tours for Japanese visitors to the UK and plans itineries for British tourists in Japan.

Hidden Japan


Tranquil spas, temples, hot springs, geisha and samurai - these are the mysterious, beautiful aspects of Japan the neon glitz of Tokyo can't prepare you for. Jane Hughes uncovers some of its treasures.


The Quay to the door

Financial Times How To Spend It

Prestigious new moorings on the Thames are tempting high-flyers who want to escape the stresses of the city - without leaving it.

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Flexible living

The Mail on Sunday

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The comfort zones

The Times

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Here's to a heady cocktail of kitsch

The Independent Review

Take three young men, add shades, suites, Sixties sounds and you have the latest club craze.

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Here's one I made earlier


If you've ever dreamed of turning your hand to something creative, now's the time. From interiors to garden design, a little imagination can go a long way.


How to cope when you're on skid row

The Times

Most of us don't know what to do when those back wheels go. Jane Hughes finds a man who does.

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Lord of a fairy tale land

The Independent Weekend Review

Having sold everything, Julian Hastings set out to restore a neglected wood. The result was paradise.

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We are stylish, sexy, and yes, we're disabled

Evening Standard

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Structural Imperative


By outflanking a bidding system exposed as cliquish and corrupt, Kumamoto Prefecture's Artpolis regional development plan is infusing relevancy and flair in structuires built for public use.

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Letter from Japan

New Statesman & Society

When Waseda, one of the top private universities in Japan, recently announced plans to raise tuition fees, the lack of student retaliation provided the media with food for thought.

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