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Jane Hughes Writer, editor, yoga teacher

article - The benefits of paediatric osteopathy


Jane’s interest in healthcare stems her Social Policy studies at the London School of Economics. Whilst PR Director at Sans Frontiere Marketing Communications, she edited a quarterly newsletter for South East Heath (a major not-for-profit health provider formed from local GP coops). She also secured full-page editorial coverage in the Daily Mail for Harley Street eye surgeons Advance VisionCare.

Jane’s many articles on health have been published in the Times Magazine and Times 2, The Daily Mail, Red and Marie Claire.

The benefits of paediatric osteopathy

The Times Magazine

"Everybody at the hospital was focused on their own bit of my son - his spine, stomach or heart - and no one was considering him as a whole little person."

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How 'Brain Gym' can help

The Times Magazine

"Children with learning difficulties are often confused about why they are different and can't do things. They can find themselves on a downward spiral of underachievement."

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Thousands wrongly diagnosed as epileptic

The Independent on Sunday

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Roll up for circus training

Forget circuit training, swinging from a trapeze is a more exciting way to get fit.

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Blame it on your hormones


Feeling hormonal doesn't only happen once a month. Weight gain, tiredness and anxiety could all be the result of a system that's out of balance. Here's how to restore your equilibrium.


Just what the doctor ordered


We've always known that a little of what you fancy does you good, and now science has discovered exactly why. Jane Hughes reports on the good you'll be doing your mind and body when you eat, drink and make merry this Christmas.

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Lessons in the healing power of herbs

The Times Magazine

"What really fascinated the children was the discovery that they could use natural remedies to treat their minor ailments and take care of themselves."

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How Masai nomads inspired a training shoe

The Times Magazine

"Running in these shoes is like running on soft sand, which is great for body tone. They had an impact through the rest of my body - I noticed muscles that I hadn't felt before."

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So what did you bring back from your holiday?

Marie Claire

"Hepatitis A, malaria and hookworm - these are a few holiday souvenirs you don't want. But tropical diseases are on the rise, so how do you protect yourself on a long haul trip? "

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The remarkable benefits of music therapy

The Times Magazine

"As Jo grew older and more confident he was able to play, take turns and tease us - keeping us in suspense until he brought down his arm on a tambourine to continue the music."

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